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The Hallmark Building

Project Insight

Exceptional property management means paying attention to every detail within your office buildings. The Hallmark Building was ready for a new look in many of its public spaces, along with the addition of new experiences for tenants to enjoy. The wide-sweeping improvements would include major updates to the lobby and existing nature lounge, along with the addition of a game room and coffee bar.


In the lobby, a large fish tank was added as the main focal point, accented with rich wood and accompanied by a modern seating area. For the new game room, we took advantage of a long glass wall along the front of the space, covering it with game-themed graphics inviting tenants to come inside and “play your own way”. A large wall mural and elevator door graphics were used to provide directional signage and advertise the new amenities. These updates to the Hallmark Building added a modern feel and unique experiences that appeal both to current and prospective tenants.